About Me

Hello, I'm Danni, I create photographs, stop motion animations, cinemagraphs & videos which truly resonates with people and promotes brands on social media, marketing and e-commerce.

My background in advertising together with my film experience allows me to use the artistic means of expression to create unique visual content for social and digital media. 

Also I am an analog photography enthusiast. I tend to hand paint black and white photos with watercolour, a technique I have ministered three workshops and taken part in three collaborative exhibitions.

Based in London/UK


Arena Flowers, Moonpig, Lakeland, The Odd Flower Company, Flying Goose Sriracha, Snog Frozen Yogurt, Rapid Lash.


QueimandoFilme (Brazil), Thistle Magazine (USA), Impossible Project (USA), Void (Brazil), Whim Online Magazine(Australia), PIC Magazine (Japan)